It did not dawn on me that we would be ending a decade this year until about October.  Seriously things in my life have been non-stop and I had not taken the time to consider that a new decade was upon us!

Welcome 2020!

All I can say is the past decade has flown by and been eventful: 

  • Both boys graduated from High School
  •  I began a new career at Tractor Supply Company
  • David and I celebrated our 25th and 35th Wedding Anniversaries
  • My father-in-law and Dad both left this world
  • We bought a new business
  • Youngest son graduated from college
  • We have traveled
  • And I started this blog and working toward becoming a midlife influencer

Wow, that’s a lot of events happening in a decade.  Now, it has me wondering what the next decade will bring. I do have several goals that I want to achieve, and I have started planning them out – I am starting with the first year and will add new pieces to my goals each year.  Below, I’m sharing with you some strategies that I will use to get me to my goals.

5 Steps to get the Most out of Year 1 in this New Decade

Work Space
Plan Your Goals
  1. Be specific in your goals.  I have three main goals that I want to obtain this year. 
10K Followers on IG
200+ Followers on my blog
3 Paid partnerships/collaborations
  1. With each goal, begin to break them down into smaller pieces that you will do monthly, weekly and daily to achieve those goals.  Again, be very specific about the smaller pieces.  Here are a few examples for my goals:

10K followers – plan a monthly content calendar, plan my weekly posts using the Tailwind app, engage daily with other accounts that I am following and new ones that fit with my brand.

Blog – plan a monthly content calendar (I will combine this with the calendar above), start working on my weekly post on Sunday afternoon, checkout and engage with other bloggers daily.

Paid partnerships – in my first month, I am working on deciding which collaborations I want to work with and that fit with my brand and lifestyle.  After I have determined those, I will begin the other steps toward getting those collaborations.


  1. Check in with your goals, the frequency is up to you but it’s important to make it happen.  I will be checking in weekly for the first month so I can see my progress and where I need to put more effort.  At the end of the month, I will check in with my progress to see if I need to continue to assess weekly. 
  2. Get a mentor if you want to make big strides toward your goals.  A mentor can help you see the big picture and the small changes that you may overlook.  A mentor can challenge you to take big steps/risks that you might not otherwise.
  3. Go with the flow. If you are making progress toward your goal, keep it up.  If not, you may need to consider changing tactics or direction.

This year, I have chosen three words to guide me daily in my goals:




Joy, Peace and Possibilities = ME!

I want to have joy for everything that I have and for the things I am working toward.  I want to share peace and kindness wherever I can; and I want to be sure I don’t miss any possibilities that are presented to me. 

Please feel free to share a goal or two with me in the comments.  I would love to encourage you.  Also, join us on Instagram using #peacetrain.  We are spreading peace, kindness and understanding through our feeds.  Everyone is welcome.

Thank you ladies for reading my blog post.  If you like it, please share!

Here is a link to a planner that I love – High Performance Planner.

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