Shopping my closet for my No Buy July challenge was an eye-opening experiment for me.  Today I am sharing 5 lessons I learned:

1. When you stand in your closet and say “I have nothing to wear” for most women, that’s not true.  For me, it was very far from the truth.

I truly have plenty to wear.  In fact, I felt overwhelmed at times because there was too much and I found myself constantly reaching for the same outfits.  Now, thanks to three very large bags to ARC Nashville and a large box to ThredUp I have breathing room.  I can pick out one piece and create an outfit without overwhelm.

No Buy July
The first #nobuyjuly outfit

2. There are pieces in your closet with tags still on them. 

This was very true for me and for several of you that reached out.  About 10 items that I came across in my closet still had tags.  I am guilty of buying some, trying it on, hanging it up and forgetting about by continuing too reach for the same old same old clothes!

Please be encouraged to go through you closet looking for the items with tags on.  It will feel like shopping because they are still new!

3. Shopping my closet let me be more creative in the way I put together outfits.  Here’s an example of what I did:

I would choose one piece like this purple top from White House Black Market (and yes, it still has tags).  They I would decide what to put with.  In this case, white jeans and my favorite summer kimono.  And finally some jewelry and shoes and ta-da…a new outfit!

Change up the piece that you start with.  It will change your perspective.

4. Shopping in my closet and no buy July allowed me to be creative and to think outside my box

I mixed colors and patterns.   Tunic tops went over summer dresses.  Lightweight fall sweaters were paired with shorts.  And of course, I put on my favorite denim jacket with most everything I was trying.

No Buy July
One my Favorites!

It got my creative juices flowing.  Some things did not work for me and that’s okay.  I had to try it anyway.

5. And last but not least, I made a list of some “staple” items that I am going to be on the hunt for when no buy July is over:

Another white blouse to pair with denim or leave open over a dress – I’m thinking men’s shirt look

Black and white denim skirts because they go with everything

Some new bras (that’s another blog post)

Solid colored blazers

And a pair of bootcut jeans.

No Buy July taught me to be creative, to have fun and to get out of my comfort zone. I will do it again most likely in October 2021.  It may become a regular “thing” for me.  Won’t you join me some time and let’s compare our creative outfits?!!

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