This is super scary stuff for me…I am stepping way outside my comfort zone.  My hubby was sweet enough to film me while I was demonstrating these moves.  This is my first exercise blog.  I really wanted to share it with you so you can see that it does not take hours at the gym to stay healthy.  I hope you enjoy it.  Next time I promise to smile more.  I was really concentrating.

We all know the benefits of a great workout.  Burn calories, lose fat, sleep great, build lean muscle to name a few.  As we age, the importance of working out should center around building and keeping lean muscle mass.  Fat loss is a bonus from the cardio.

Today I am going to share with you a mini workout that I do 2 or 3  times per week.  This workout includes some cardio to get your heart pumping and get you into a fat burning zone, some combination weighted moves to engage several muscle groups and some ab work.  It will take you approximately 25 minutes to complete the workout.

What you will need for this workout:


A step bench

Swiss Ball (exercise ball)

Yoga Block

First, let me show you  the order I do this workout:

½ mile on the treadmill

2 times through – 8 to 15 reps for the weighted exercises

30 of each ab exercise

Deadlift to curl to squat to overhead press

Slow bicycles

Plie’ Squat to overhead tricep extension

Swiss ball curl up

Step up on bench to a curl – each side

Penguin Crunch

Back to the treadmill for ½ mile and a 5 minute cool down

Now lets breakdown each exercise:

½ mile on the treadmill.  I start by warming up for 1 min on 3.0 MPH then I bump it to 3.3 MPH for 1 min.  Then you can either start walking or jogging.  I start jogging at 5.3 MPH for 3 mins then I go back to walking at 3.6 MPH for 2 min.  Repeat and when I get to ½ mile, I stop the treadmill and head to my workout space.

In my workout space, I will have my swiss ball, weights, my step benches, a towel and water all ready to go before I get started.  You can use an exercise or yoga mat for the exercises you will be doing on the floor.  If you are a beginner start with low weight (5 lbs) and low reps (8).  I use 12 lbs and will work my way up to 20 lbs.  Currently I am doing 12 reps of the combination exercises.

Be sure to keep your form.  Flat back, knees not going out over your toes and core tight.

Deadlift Combo Move

The last thing I do is a side angle pose.   In this yoga pose, bend to the side and put your hands over your head like you are holding a beachball.  I hold each pose for a count of 10 and it do it 2 times on each side.  It is a great oblique exercise.

This one is short but sweet and really does good work for your muscles.  As you become stronger, you can increase the weights and/or the number of reps you’re performing or add an additional set.

Let me know if you try it out.

For a Good Life After 50,


Photos and videos by David and featured image is from Unsplash