Good gut health is one the most talked about health issues today.  Just some 20 years ago, we thought our digestive system was a relatively simple process in our body.

Information has changed how we view our Gut Health!

Welcome to the real digestive system known as your Microbiome!  Also lovingly called your Second Brain.

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Feel Good from the Inside Out!

We now know there are millions of amazing organisms that live in our gut.  The 400 + bacteria’s (gut flora) are incredibly beneficial to a healthy mind and body.  Having these varieties of good gut flora enhance our immune system, mood, brain function and overall health.

So know that we know the importance of gut health and flora, how do we take care of this very intricate system that is our Microbiome?

6 Ways To Help You Achieve Better Gut Health

 1. Avoid Processed and Sugary Foods

The American diet is high in processed foods and added sugars creating a feeding ground for unhealthy bacteria.  Both sugar and processed foods cause an imbalance in the gut that can lead to inflammation in the body – a known precursor to many diseases.

Also, stay away from artificial sweeteners.  They can have a toxic effect on our microbiome.

2.  Take a Probiotic or Prebiotic

A good way to improve the health of your gut flora and keep it in balance is to take a probiotic in the form of a supplement or fermented foods (see below). 

Prebiotics are different.  They are not live bacteria like probiotics.  They are actually non digestible foods that end up in your colon where fermentation takes place.  Prebiotics actually produce “food” for the bacteria thus potentially increased the number of good gut flora.

There are many supplements on the market.  Do some research to see what might work for you.  My recommended choice is NutriSuits Losers Chews.  These tasty, chewable tablets are both a prebiotic and probiotic.  They taste great and give you a dose of Vitamin D!


3.  Lower Your Stress Level

Lowering your stress level is very good for gut health.  Take a walk, do some yoga or deep breathing exercises, laugh and unplug.  These are just a few ways to decrease the stress in our bodies.  Find what helps you stress less!

4.  Change Your Diet

Begin the process of eliminating added  sugars and processed foods.  Add more healthy fiber through fruits, vegetables and oats. 

It’s also beneficial to add fermented foods like kimchi, yogurt and miso. 

Garlic and onions are said to have immune system enhancing properties therefore can be beneficial for gut health.

By adding a couple of tablespoons of ground flaxseed to your smoothie, yogurt or other recipes, you are giving your gut a healthy dose of fiber. 

Eat the Rainbow

5. Stay Hydrated

There is so much information about the benefits of staying hydrated.  Keeping your microbiome and your digestive system running smoothly is one of them.  A good rule of them is to drink a minimum of  80 ounces of water per day (more when it get warmer).  The majority of you water should be plain water with lemon or other fruit that adds some flavor.

6.  Consider Collagen Your Gut’s BFF

Biocell Life

I learned something new while researching for this post.  Collagen is not only good for your skin and joints, it’s also beneficial for your gut health.  It regulates acid secretion in the stomach, helps to heal ulcers and leaky gut, and it even repairs the lining in your digestive tract.  I had no idea what a powerhouse collagen is for gut health.

I take two different types of collagen during my week.  Modere and Orgain Collagen.  I take 1 tablespoon of Biocell Life every day and I add the Orgain Collagen to my smoothies three times a week.

Add to Smoothies or Coffee

Why Not Start Today?

Other ways to keep your gut and microbiome healthy include getting good sleep and exercising daily.  Seems to me like there are many common elements to a healthy lifestyle that are also good for your gut!

With these simple changes you can have a healthy gut that is working properly to keep your immune system strong, improve the healthy of your heart and brain, and prevent some diseases.

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Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog.  It means so much to me.


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