It’s takes effort to stay motivated all the time. Today I am sharing a few easy ways that have helped me when I want to throw in the towel. You can keep your motivation humming along until you reach your goals or change your path with these simple steps!

Remember Your Why

If you want to get motivated and stay motivated, find deep-rooted reasons for achieving your why.

My Why

Do you remember why you started? Set aside time to review your goals and the reasons you wanted to obtain them in the first place.  Your “why” can lose its meaning when the reasons you wanted to achieve it no longer align with your life or it doesn’t stir your passions.  Maybe it’s time to review and update your why.

Take a Look at How Far You Have Come to Help You Stay Motivated

It’s easy to think that we are failing behind in obtaining our goals.  Typically, that’s not true.  Keep tabs on your goals through photos, spreadsheets, journals or other ways that help you see your progress over time.  Daily, you may not notice how much money you saved or how much your health has improved but seeing the progress in a spreadsheet or getting a “way to go” from your doctor lets you know you are making progress.

I see the progress I have made with my health through photos and the things I do now like bike riding, running, strength training and yoga.  All things I didn’t think I could r would do.

One Day at a Time (or better yet, one decision at a time)

So what, your motivation has been lacking.  What’s the next best decision you can make to get you back on track?  When you veer off your path, don’t throw in the towel.  Let’s say that you skipped a few workouts.  Ok, decide what you can do now to get your mojo back.  Meet a friend for a walk or hike.  Just make a decision that moves you the tiniest bit forward.  In no time, you will be back to it!

Seek Outside Motivation

Yes, I am suggesting seeking outside motivation but I don’t mean for you to compare.  Instead, look at someone you admire.  What are they doing that motivates you?  As long as it aligns with your why and goals, figure out how can you incorporate that into your life.

Here’s a real-life example that I encountered.  Recently my husband and I went hiking at Cummins Falls.  This is not an easy hike – there are ups and downs, twists and turns, and you must cross the creek (several times).   To get to the beautiful falls, you have to climb through several yards of rocks and boulders.

On our way back, we encountered this amazing group of women.  They were just about to start the more difficult part of the hike.  Hello’s where exchanged as we walked past them. I felt something stir inside me as they were chatting, tying their shoes and getting ready to tackle the boulders. 

These Women Inspire Me!

As I passed them, I noticed that most of them were my age, and many of them were older.  Blown away by what I saw, I stopped dead in my tracks. Kissed my husband and asked him to wait.  I headed back to them.

Seeing these happy and healthy women struck a chord in me.  I talked to them for a few minutes and found out they met working out at the Y – years ago.  During the Pandemic, they found other ways to stay healthy doing things together.  This hike fit perfectly into their plans.

Thanks to them, I am more motivated than ever to take care of my health and to keep moving.

You will stay motivated if you Believe In You

I know, we hear this all the time.  But it’s so true.  You must believe in yourself and take the necessary steps each day to reach your goals. 

You can do this.  Find the things and people that motivate you and lean on them.  Look for your internal queues.  Does this excite you or make you feel passionate?  If so, keep doing it.  When you find yourself going down the negative thought path or just lacking motivation, do a self-inventory using the list above.  In no time, you will find your motivation and be back on your path to success!

Feeling Powerful

I hope you learned something about motivation that you can use. My purpose with this blog is to encourage midlife women to live their best life.

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