By the first week in October, I was so ready for Fall.  Here in Tennessee, we’d been baking in the 90’s for over three straight weeks with little to no rain.  That’s not what Fall is supposed to be!  I was ready for beautiful Fall colors and cooler temperatures.

Kimono climbing
Beautiful Sienna Topper

This is a sponsored post with Soft Surroundings. My opinions, photos and style are all my own.

Thank you Soft Surroundings for bringing Fall to my door.  When I first opened this Sienna Topper*, I was giddy with delight.  My eyes were delighted with the dramatic colors and they were just the Fall hues I had been dreaming of.  It immediately felt like a Fall day.
Close up
Close up of the beautiful fabric and sequin bursts!

*For clarity it am going to refer to this as a Kimono!

Yellow Flowers
Kimono and Flowers!
Besides the beautiful colors, the sheer material along with the colorful bursts of sequins scattered about makes this kimono particularly stylish without being over the top flashy.  There are so many colors in the kimono, you will have no problem choosing one or two to pair it with – gold, rust, emerald green, magenta.  The possibilities are endless.
Because I wanted the colors of the Kimono to be the star of the outfit, I paired it with simple basics – a neutral rust colored top, black jeans and black booties.  I am thrilled with the results and think I succeeded, don’t you?  Kept my jewelry simple and black.
Different angles really show the colors.
The morning we chose to do the photos started out beautiful but got a bit cloudy.  That didn’t stop us.  Gray skies are no match for the stunning colors of the Sienna Topper/Kimono. They popped even more against the cloudy day!
We had a fun shoot at the Ellington Agricultural Center.  There’s a creek, farm equipment and gardens.  Most importantly, there was a place for me to twirl and really show off the colors.  
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