Last Friday I talked about the importance of meal planning and food prep.  Here are a few tips to help you along:

  1. At first, start with your family’s basic go to meals.  Later you can add variety with new recipes.  Get everyone’s input on the meal plan and menu, and incorporate each persons likes/wants into your weekly plan.  I found that for my family this got their buy-in on planning food for the week, allowed them to have their favorites, made them more willing to try new foods and added a lot of variety to our weekly meal plan.
  2. Make your meal plan simple.  Start with planning and prepping just breakfast and snacks.  I plan my dinner menu and make sure I have everything on hand.  You can add lunches later or maybe just plan one or two days at a time.  Typically I meal plan and prep my breakfasts and lunches.  This week it is hard boiled eggs, 1/2 an avocado and fruit for breakfast along with my beloved coffee!  For lunch, I made my recipe for Santa Fe Beans and Rice (I will share this with you at a later date).  I will have this at least two days along with other leftovers for the rest of the week.
  3. Plan your menu and do your grocery list at the same time.Get to the point where at least one of your meal plans includes a crockpot meal.  This is a super easy food prep and clean up.  And it is ready when you get home – no need for the drive thru!
  4. Choose the day that you will do a food prep and block that time on your calendar.  I do mine on Sunday mornings so that I am ready for the week.  I start with a clean kitchen and empty (or nearly empty) dishwasher.  My prep typically takes one to two hours depending on what I planned.  I clean as I go so that I end with a clean kitchen and my food portioned and ready to go!

Until next time, keep working for a good life!