2020 did a number on our habits and behaviors.  So many of our normal behaviors were changed or altered in some way.  For myself, I know that some of my better health and wellness behaviors took a backseat to just trying to make it through the day.

I overdid on somethings and backslid on others.

Now that 2021 has arrived, it’s time to revisit some of the habits and behaviors that will help you achieve abundant health and wellness for the remainder of the year.

Each one of these healthy behaviors can easily turn into a habit that you won’t want to live without.  Take them slowly and one small step at a time.  In no time, you will be back on track.  Your body and your mind will thank you.

Mindfulness – Healthy Behaviors for being in the moment

Be aware!  Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself and others, what you eat, how you exercise or meditate.  It’s much easier said than done but it’s very helpful to stop unhealthy behaviors like negative thoughts and unhealthy eating.  Mindfulness can help you create healthy behaviors like really listening and being engaged in your relationships.  Be patient with yourself, it’ll take some practice.  Next time you find yourself going down the “negative talk” rabbit hole or not paying attention to your spouse or child, or about to eat something and you have no idea why – STOP!  Bring yourself into that moment.  Everything else can wait.

Work/Life Balance – Healthy Behaviors Needed Here

The work/life juggle is a more appropriate name!  I have been struggling with it since I started working from home last March.  With no “back to the office” in the foreseeable future, I am really making this a priority in 2021.

Try striving for excellence not perfection.  Do the best you can and remember to roll with the changes because they will come – frequently.  Be willing to adapt and let go of perfectionism. 

Start on time and “go home” on time.  Just as if you were in the office, your day should have a beginning and end.  If you never “shut down” then things begin to feel like Ground Hog Day.  Use your former commute time to help make those transitions.  If you listened to podcasts or books on the way to work, listen or read before your start your day.  Exercise for the same amount of time it took you to drive home in the evening when your work is done.  This allows for transition back to home life.

Computer and Phone

We are all striving to do the best we can, fit things in where we can, and still want to be a productive employee but doing what is right for ourselves and family should be our number one priority.

Sleep – Healthy Habits to consider for amazing ZZZ’s

Luckily, sleep does not elude me.  But for many getting the right amount of shut eye each night is a real struggle. 

A comfortable place to lay your head!

Good habits and behaviors for getting the best Sleep

Get outside every chance you get.  Yes, your sleep will benefit from the daylight.  Our body knows that during daylight it stays awake and when the night comes, it’s time to rest.

Don’t skimp on a good nightly skin care routine.  Washing your face and the act of smoothing on serums and moisturizers can be totally relaxing.

Develop a routine that relaxes you.  Take a warm bath or drink a cup of tea (no caffeine).  Read for a few minutes.  Whatever it takes to relax you.

Turn off the electronics at least 1 hour before bed and move them away from your bedside – at least three feet.  About two years ago, I started charging my phone in our master bath.  That simple move has made my sleep even better!

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Practice Gratitude

2020 made this difficult for lots of people but I believe that we found beauty and gratefulness in the small things, and in the everyday things we were taking for granted.

Practicing gratitude is easy once you get started.  Each day on my calendar, I write three things that I am grateful for.  They don’t have to be a big hairy deal.  When you are looking for things to be grateful for, start small.

I am grateful for getting up this morning, being greeted in the kitchen by my fur babies and that I get to go for a walk. 

Move in Nature

2020 had many lessons.  One of the most important ones I learned was all the benefits of being out in nature.  Not only is it essential to our health and wellness, it is the best to way calm your brain and allow you to process your thoughts and feelings.  Hike, bike, walk, run but do it outside!


Be sure to stop and take in the sights, smells and sounds of nature.  This healthy habit is self-care at its finest. Click here to read more about the benefits of Nature on your health and wellness.

Self-Care – Healthy Habits and Behaviors for Prioritizing YOU!

Self-care has been a “thing” for a long time.  But what exactly is self-care and how can you make it work for you?  Self-care is taking regular, scheduled care of your mind, body and soul.  It can be small like getting a good pedicure or it can be grand – a wonderful week or weekend getaway.

Prioritizing yourself and your well being allows you to be the best possible you and give more energy to yourself and others.  Self-care also helps reduce stress at home and work. 

The most important tip I can give you for self-care is to schedule it!  Put this important healthy behavior on your calendar and make you a priority.

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These six tips for healthy habits and behaviors are easy to do and you can start today.

As I am finishing this blog post, I am recovering from Covid-19.  Honestly, I am surprised it didn’t happen sooner.  My goal for 2021 is to produce two blog posts per month for you.  That starts with February!