Why is our life filled with numbers?  My number is 55.  I certainly don’t feel or act 55…more like 35!

In 2012, the age of 50 was looming.  It was early January and I was working on my goals and things I wanted to accomplish for 2012.  My 50th birthday was coming in July.  It was a subtle but profound life changing moment for me.  I looked in the mirror and decided that I wanted to be better…feel better, look better, act better.  A switch flipped.  I wanted to be the woman that is in her 50’s and people look at her and say no way.  She can’t be 50.  I started with my health and wellness.  My Church was starting up a women’s group that wanted to get healthy, happy and holy.  I went to the meeting and was intrigued.  I started with that group and it morphed into being a part of a wonderful tribe of like-minded women from all of the country.

Weight loss and training for my first ever half marathon came first.  Running…UGH was my thought at the time but I did run in high school and I remembered that it wasn’t that awful and it did keep me trim.  So I weighed in at 155 and I starting running and training with weights.  I ran my first half marathon in April.  The Country Music Marathon is a big deal here in Nashville and I was so proud to do it.  I ran/walked and it took me over 3 hours but I finished and I was hooked.  I lost weight too.  My new number was 142.  I felt better – amazing in fact.  I was making good food choices and exercise just became a part of my life.  To date, I have completed 7 half marathons, 2 sprint triathlons, and numbers 5k’s, 10k’s and other races.  Oh and a full Tough Mudder, a Half Tough Mudder and a host of other obstacle races.  It has been the most amazing journey and I have been consistent for the first time in a long time.

Us in 2016

Fast forward to today…55 is coming in a few weeks.  I feel better than ever.  My new weight is 139 and I feel healthy and proud of my new way of life.  I am better…I feel better, I act better and I look better.  Along my journey, I have learned to change my thoughts, try new things and stop being wound too tight.  I have learned how and what to eat that serves me and feels good in my body.  My cooking and food prep skills have grown tremendously.  My awareness of health and wellness has grow exponentially.

That’s why I am here.  I have decided that I want to share the rest of my journey as I move forward to whatever comes next.  So I am starting this blog.  This blog will be about having A Good Life After 50.  Aging can be done both gracefully and beautifully with a healthy mind and body.  Gone are the days of being 50 and looking or feeling “old”.  Today a lot of 50 year olds look much younger and act even younger.  That’s me and I am here to help you achieve a good life after 50.  I will share things I have don’t that work for me, suggest ways to feel fabulous.  This blog will be fun, active, healthy, purposeful,  fashionable and what I hope most of all is helpful to you.

Us in 2018



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