It’s that time of year when all you hear these three dreaded words:


These Holidays come at the same time every year and yet we all seem to be unprepared for the onslaught of food that will be present during this time of year. 
There will be parties, family gatherings, and FOOD.  More importantly, if you don’t get a handle of the Holidays, there will be weight gain!  How can you avoid weight gain this Holiday Season and go into the next decade feeling your best?  
Below are some tips and strategies for Handling the Holidays and avoiding the typical American 10 to 15-pound weight gain that happens between October 1 and December 31.

Keep in mind that each of these Holidays is only one day.  It’s not a three-month sabbatical from healthy habits.  Continue with water, exercise, sleep habits  or any other healthy habit you have worked hard to establish.
By following the suggestions below you might avoid weight gain and enjoy the Holidays without worry!
  1. Decide ahead of time what you REALLY want from these Holidays. Imagine and visualize this time of year without food as the focus.  Do you want to enjoy family and friends?  Do you want to relax and take some time off?  Consider those possibilities before you decide that it’s just about the food.
  2. Don’t discount the amazing food. Everyone has certain foods that they look forward to during the Holidays.  Go ahead and plan for them – decide that Grandma’s Pecan Pie is worth the splurge and forego the candy bowl.  Be intentional about the food you enjoy – choose foods that have special meaning to you.
  3. Parties – Yes there will be parties and gatherings. Plan ahead.  Or, if you have the opportunity to bring something – make it something healthy like fruit, veggies or some type of salad.  Focus on the people at the party and make conversation.  You will eat less.
  4. From my experience when working in an office setting, there are plenty of food gifts. Be choosy about what you decide to eat.  Most of those products come from commercial kitchens, prepared with a bunch of ingredients you can’t pronounce by people who don’t love and care about you.  Choose Mom’s cooking!  Now, I have to say that there are definitely some treats that cannot be reproduced at home.  Pick one or two to indulge in and let the rest go.
  5. Don’t fall into the trap of saving your calories by not eating all day before a party, event or dinner. You will actually eat more and have less control about what you choose to eat.  Treat “party” day just like any other day.  Try not to arrive hungry – have a healthy snack before you leave home and only eat if you are truly hungry.  Again, make the focus on the people you are with.
  6. Keep moving during the Holidays. You worked hard to establish your routine.  Stick to it!
  7. You could choose to formulate a Holiday Protocol, deciding way ahead of time how you want to show up for yourself and how you want to feel on January 1, 2020!
  8. It’s not magic – its common sense.  What if  on January 1 you stepped on the scale and weighed the same as you do today?  Keep that feeling in mind as you navigate the Holidays.
Decide today what’s important to you for this Holiday season.  Don’t let food temptation keep you from feeling your best and looking forward to the start of a New Year!



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