Continuing my theme regarding planning, this week I am talking about meal planning and food prep.  I am going to share with you the importance of meal planning and the ease of food prep.  Let me start by saying that it is not necessary to prep every meal you are going to have but you should at least be prepping some of them ahead of time.  This gives you such a boost in your health and wellness and it is oh so easy.

First, let’s start with meal planning.  I love to go to the grocery store on my way home on Friday evenings.  It is not crowded and I can get through the store fairly quickly.  My store of choice here in Nashville is Kroger.  The store I shop is less than 10 years old and recently went through a renovation to add wine and expand the organic/natural food sections.

On Thursday evening, I sit down with the boys and we plan our meals for the week – Friday to the following Thursday.  I love paper so I just put it on a note pad that I keep in the kitchen drawer.  We decide if and when we are going out to eat.  I decide for myself what I am going to prep for my breakfasts and lunches for the week (I like to eat in as much as possible) and then, we decide what we would like to have for dinners.  Each week it is different.  I like to incorporate at least one or two new recipes, or we bring back something we have not had in a while.  I also like variety – different meats, veggies and types of meals.  While we are planning, I am making a grocery list at the same time.  I know that probably sounds like a lot but it is where I have come to over the past five years, it is not where I started.

When I first started prepping, I just did breakfast and snacks for the week.  Soon I realized that lunch was a problem for me.  I like to walk or workout some days during work so I started prepping my lunch.  Typically, I will prep one thing to eat all week like this  Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash Skillet.

Love the colors

I fix it on Sunday and portion it out into four glass containers that I purchased from Costco.  I chose glass for health and heating reasons.  I stack them in the fridge so they are grab and go.

I enjoy the planning.  It gives me a sense of control and keeps decision fatigue at a minimum.  Also, it keeps me from going through the drive through or picking up some crappy food that is really not that good.

On Tuesday, I will have some additional tips for meal prepping.  See you then!


Perfectly portioned