I love Fall Foods.  Soups, stews and CHILI!  My Mom loved to cook and this is her recipe.  I have changed it some over the years to add more organic items.  Sometimes, I will add some red, yellow or orange peppers if I have some that I need to use up.  Also, you can skip the canned pinto beans.

This chili is easy and versatile.  You can change up the beans and use your favorites but I always use the chili hot beans.


1 to 1.75 pounds ground beef, organic or grass fed

1 Medium onion, chopped

Salt and Pepper

Chili Powder

Ground Cumin

Garlic Powder

Red Pepper Flakes – optional

1 28 oz can Muir Glen Organic Crushed Tomatoes

1 28 oz can Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted diced tomatoes

1 15 oz can organic tomato sauce

2 15 oz cans chili hot bean with juice

1 15 oz can pinto beans, drained and rinsed

1 15 oz can dark red kidney beans drained and rinsed

Olive oil


Add a large drizzle of olive oil to pan.  Brown ground beef and onion over medium heat, in a large soup pot cook until beef is no longer pink and onion is softened.  Season with salt and pepper, chili powder and ground cumin.  All of these are to your taste.  You can always adjust the seasonings toward the end.

Add all canned items to the pot and season a bit more with chili powder, ground cumin and garlic powder (to your taste – I just use a small amount).  Stir together to mix well.  Bring to a boil over medium heat, reduced heat, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes stirring occasionally.  Once finished, remove from heat and add red pepper flakes to your taste.  Do a taste test and adjust the seasonings.

Serve with grated cheddar cheese, sour cream, chopped jalapenos, chopped onion, saltine crackers, or whatever your family likes to top their chili with!


I am a Kroger shopper as you can see from most of my ingredients!  I also shop at Costco for my organic meats.  I hope you enjoy this chili.  



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