We all mistakenly think that in order to have a balanced life, we must manage our time.  Let’s look at a balanced life in a different way.  What if you decide what your priorities are first and make sure that you spend time doing those things?

Priorities First

Right now I would list my  priorities as:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Relationships
  • Work Life Balance
Balanced Life
Stay on Track!

Health and Wellness

Accomplishing anything is so much harder when you don’t eat right, get exercise or enough sleep.  Having a balanced life is much easier when you take care of yourself.

To keep this in balance in my life, I have developed several “habits” – some of them daily, weekly, monthly, etc.  You get the picture. 

Exercise, healthy eating, sleep and water all happen as a natural part of my life.  By creating habits, there is no need to balance that part of my life, it just happens naturally.  I don’t have to give this essential part of my life “time”. 

Another essential part of my health and wellness is daily self-care.  Some days I work on this blog, or I might read, watch something mindless or just site quietly.  Whatever I choose to do helps me to unwind and spend time doing things that make me happy.

Balanced Life
Hold on Tight


I want to spend time with my husband, sons and friends.  Achieving this  priority is made easy by setting date nights with my husband, Sunday dinner with my sons, and a monthly dinner out with friends. 

Some of my priorities get combined.  For example, health and friendship by having weekly walks with my two best friends, and walks/breakfast with friends.  This way, I am keeping my priorities first and giving them all time.  I also go on a weekly run with my husband.

My husband and I also plan time away from our home.  It may be a long weekend or an amazing trip.  This nurtures our relationship, is great self-care and it enhances our health and wellness.

Balanced Life
Work/Life Balance


Set boundaries.  If you are like me and work from home, it is critical that “work” doesn’t invade your home space.  Keep your work in an office setting whether it’s an actual home office or the dining rom table.  Start work each day at the same time, take regular breaks and lunch away from your computer, and end at roughly the same time.    When we started working from home, I had to force myself to do this.  The work was consuming m, and I felt like I was suffocating in my own home.  Now, I shut down my computer and turn off the lights when I walk away from my “desk”.  It signals to my brain that the day is complete.  I give myself a few minutes of just quiet time to let my brain switch over to home mode.

The challenge is to nurture and balance your priorities with what you have to do each day. Honestly, there is no one universal approach for what balance looks like and it differs for everyone depending on your circumstances. Balance is more about harmony rather than perfection in your life.

Balanced Life
Things will get out of Balance!

What are your priorities that need balance?

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