When I decided to shop my closet, I really had no idea how daunting the task would be.  You see, I worked in an office setting from the time I was 20 until March 16, 2020.  The pandemic world turned my need for stylish office clothes upside down.

No longer did I need to wear something different every day.  I was perfectly happy in a decent top and fleece lined leggings in winter or lightweight leggings in the summer.

Shop Your Closet
Reimagine your Clothes!

Fast forward to today.  My everyday fashion has changed but my need to feel stylish is causing me to rethink my closet.  I have been getting rid of things that don’t fit, I am certain I will never wear again or just plain don’t like.

#nobuyjuly Challenge

So for the month of July, I am planning a #nobuyjuly.  I will be shopping my closet and cleaning it out at the same time.  Looking forward to sharing my outfits each day in Instagram stories.  Check out some of my lives on Instagram and Facebook as I find creative ways to reorganize my new #everydayfashion wardrobe.

As I was starting to write this blog post, I did some research of how to “shop your closet”.  Below is a list of my

5 Best Tips to Help You Shop Your Closet

  • Something New = Letting Something Go

This is one of my favorite tips.  I have been doing this for a long time.  When I shop for clothing, if I buy two pieces, then two pieces have to go.  For me, the don’t necessarily have to be the same type of clothing just as long as I am getting rid of an equal number of pieces.

  •  Get Creative

I find that if I am not thinking outside the box, I end up wearing several outfits in the same way I have always worn them.  See below for breaking up the pieces in an outfit or for pairing our favorite pieces with clothes from your closet!  Start mixing and matching!

Shop Your Closet
Mix Your Favorite Pieces
  •  Start with Clothing You Love

Pair the piece that you love with two or three other pieces that your really like from your closet.  Can you create something different with the piece and some new pieces? 

If you have a favorite outfit, trying breaking it up into pieces.  How can you reimagine each piece into new outfits?

  •  Organize Your Closet Your Way

The clothing in my closet is seasonal, separated by type and like colors are together.  I have a decent sized closed and keeping seasonal only in it helps me tremendously.  This allows me to see my options all at once!  A rolling clothing rack comes in handy when I need to organize my outfits for photo shoots, travel and challenges like this one.

Shop Your Closet
My Hubby and Son Made this for Me!!

I love having good hangers for my clothes.  I use a combination of velvet and plastic ones.  When I shop, I give the hangers back to the store.  They don’t come home with me.

  • Use Pinterest or Photos

Use Pinterest to create boards with outfits you love and then try to curate them from your closet.  They don’t have to be exact, but they can come close.

Once you create several outfits, take photos on your phone to use we you are feeling like you have “nothing to wear”!

Help the Environment by Shopping Your Closet

By shopping your closet and participating in #nobuyjuly, you will be helping the environment.  Check out this video on what the fashion industry and our careless attitude is doing to the environment.  Please remember to always buy responsibly and donate as much as you can.

Shop Your Closet
#nobuyjuly is in Full Swing!

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