There are probably a thousand different answers to the question what’s most important for amazing midlife skincare.  For me and probably you, it’s figuring out what products and routines meet my expectations for my midlife skin.  When people start commenting on your skin in midlife then you know you are on to something fabulous.

There are several things you can do to keep your skin looking radiant for as long as possible. 

Choose organic and clean products – remember, what goes on your face (and body) goes into your system.  The cleaner the products, the less damage it will do to your gut and overall health.

Have a simple and doable morning routine and night routine.  These should be different so that you are addressing any concerns you have for your skin.

Eat a well balanced diet with lots of veggies, good lean protein and healthy fats.  Don’t skimp on the water.  Truly healthy skincare starts on the inside!

Add that Glass of Water!

Products to Consider for Midlife Skincare

Face Wash – taking care of your midlife skin starts with a good face wash.  I alternate between a mineral oil cleanser and a vitamin c cleanser.  Both products gently clean my face without making it feel dry and stripped of moisture.  The Essential Mineral Gel Cleaners gently washes away dirt and makeup, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple.  The Vitamin C Cleanser helps to lighten and brighten my skin.  It also helps to even out my skin-tone.


Toner – up until a few months ago, I had not used toner since high school.  Did you know that the right toner can help hydrate your skin and give it a refined look?  Gone are the days of using an astringent type toner to strip away oils.  Toners for midlife skincare help to hydrate and plump!

Serums – Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol

  • Vitamin C to lighten and brighten your skin and even out your skin-tone
  • Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and smooth
  • Retinol* to help fade wrinkles, dark spots and sun damage
Go Pure

Eye gel/cream to firm the area under your eyes.  It should feel light and not greasy.  When I put eye gel on, I want to immediately feel it working.

Moisturizer – this one is tricky and may take some experimenting.  Two of the biggest concerns I hear about midlife skin is dullness and dryness.  You may want to consider using two different moisturizers – one to lighten and brighten (Vitamin C) and one to really hydrate (hyaluronic acid cream).

Face Oils – a couple of time per week, I recommend a light organic face oil.  One with Jojoba oil in it is hydrating and smoothing.  The antioxidant properties of Jojoba oil may help your skin to produce collagen. Your midlife skincare routine should include face oils!

Face Love
Face Oils Rock Midlife Skingcare

Organic Castor Oil – I use this under my eyes and on my eyebrows at night.  I am only half way through my three month trail.  Castor oil is super rich and hydrating.  One of the benefits of using it under your eyes is it helps lighten dark circles – more on that later!

Most Beauty Product Manufacturer’s Suggest the Following Order for a Good Skincare Routine



Eye Gel

Serums – layer Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.  Use Retinol at night!


Routine is Everything for Midlife Skincare

Having a good morning and evening routine that does not take much time should be your midlife skincare goal.  My morning routine (after my shower) takes less than 5 minutes total.  At night it takes a bit more time since I remove my makeup and wash my face but I save time by using an organic wipe to wash my face after removing eye makeup.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and to change things up.  Midlife Skincare is about your needs for the best skin possible. Varying your routine a few days per week and experimenting with clean products will help you to achieve your skincare goals.

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Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog.  It means so much to me.


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*Some people are very sensitive to Retinol Serum.  Find one that works for your skin.