Looking on the Positive of Covid-19

Why is it so important to look on the Bright Side? A regular practice of gratitude (being thankful for things big and small) is shown to help you stay happier and healthier. It also influences your behavior for the better.

I want to acknowledge that many people have been severely impacted by this challenging time.  I understand how hard it is for some. 

Today, however, I am sharing with you what I have learned through this in what my friends and I call the #brightsidechallenge.  We have encouraged each other to look on the bright side of the effects of Covid-19 and how it has positively impacted our lives.

On March 10, I worked my normal work from home day.  I work for a very progressive and forward-thinking company.  On March 12, Tractor Supply Company decided it would be a good idea to test all of our systems for working from home.  That was the last time I was in my office.

Last Office Outift

On March 16th, life as we knew it in the United States changed – completely for all of us.  We had stay-at-home orders from our state governors and local officials.  Covid-19 stopped us in our tracks.  Something that has not been done in many years. 


4 Reasons I am looking on the Bright Side of Covid-19

  1.  We had to slow down.  I don’t know about you, but my life was busy.  I got up at 4:45 AM every day and typically did not stop until after 7:30 PM – some days longer.  With our stay-at-home orders, I am taking time to enjoy my coffee in the morning.  We are eating outside more.  So many areas of our life have slowed down and that’s a good thing.
  2. We have enjoyed our time together.  Watching movies, playing games, cooking some amazing meals.  We also take time to hike and walk together.  It has strengthened our bond with our younger son and his girlfriend.
  3. I used to love working out at the gym.  This slowdown has taught me that I can do most of my workouts from home or at our local parks.  I don’t need a gym to make me accountable.  We have a really nice workout room and it has gotten the most use since we moved into our house in 2003!
  4. I have learned that I can work from home and be a productive, contributing member of my team.  It did take me awhile to get the hang of it.  In the beginning, I glorified working from home.  I had these thoughts that I would have all this surplus time but I didn’t.  I felt like I needed to over compensate for not being in the office.  I finally found my balance and my days are so much more productive, and I don’t feel like a slave to my computer!

Other Bright Side observations made during this time that I am so very thankful for:

  • With less air traffic, the skies are more blue. 
  • At night, because there is less light pollution, you can see so many stars.
  • There is less noise pollution.
  • There are more birds and wildlife around.
  • There is less traffic.
  • We saved money.
  • Businesses figured out that having their employees work from home is a good way to operate.

Life has changed and we will get used to our “new normal”.  I often ask myself – where will I be a year from now?  I am having a hard time predicting where I will be but I know that where ever I am I will be happy and living my best life in that moment.

How have you been looking on the Bright Side?

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