Cardio helps you lose weight but strength training will help you tone and, more importantly, keep the weight off. In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle in midlife you need to have a balanced strength training and cardio schedule.    And best of all, strength training is imperative for your overall health.


I know what you’re thinking. How do I find the time? I can’t stress enough that you need to find the time to add this important workout to your exercise program and here’s why:

3 Days a Week is really all it takes to keep your metabolism humming along and keep you from looking “fluffy”.  You see, strength training builds muscle.  While muscle and fat weigh the same, muscle takes up less space in your body giving you a much leaner look with less fluff!   And, you don’t need a gym full of machines and state of the art equipment. A few dumb bells, bands and your own body weight will help you get lean!

So for 30 Minutes, 3 times per week, you can increase the lean muscle in your body which by the way burns more calories, and get stronger at the same time.  Still not convinced?

3 Reasons Why You Should Start A Strength Workout Today

Protect your Bones and Keep your Muscle Mass

Did you know that after puberty (remember that??), we lose 1% of our bone density and muscle mass each year if we don’t do something about it?  Strength training along with healthy nutrition including lean proteins will help you achieve and keep bone density and muscle mass.

Osteoporosis is something we all want to avoid.  Your hips, spine and wrists are the most likely places to see Osteoporosis but with strength training it keeps those areas of the body strong.

You will lose Body Fat

If you are like me, you feel like you are in good shape but when you look in the mirror, you see the cellulite – that’s called Skinny Fat.  You feel good in your clothes but don’t like the look of your body.  This is where strength training shines!

Lift those Weights today!

Lean muscle burns calories at a higher rate, and for a longer period of time.  After a strength training session, your body continues to burn calories.  Known as the “afterburn effect” your body will continue to burn calories for as long as 48 hours after your strength training session.  Fat loss is the result replaced by lean muscle!

Let’s dispel the myth…strength training will not get you bulky.  We women don’t have the hormone profile to bulk up without the help of supplements and very specific training.

You get Stronger

Your muscles will get stronger.  Gaining strength in your core will help alleviate back pain.  Strong legs help with balance, walking and lifting.  With more strength in your muscles as you age, you will be able to get up off the floor if you find yourself in this predicament.

The benefits of strength training in midlife shouldn’t be overlooked. You will look leaner, become stronger and feel better over all. A strong fit body will help you to avoid disease and live a long healthy life.


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