You hear a lot about growth mindset – in business, in life, in your health.  But what does it truly mean and how does one attain it?
By definition, growth mindset means that you believe your talents can and will grow through hard work, creating new habits, seeking input from others and changing your strategy.  This is converse to a fixed mind set where you believe your gifts are innate, just a given or part of your personality.  In actuality, we are all a bit of both. 

You get to choose if you want to establish a growth mindset but you will need to get ready to work and shift gears when things are not going your way.  Achieving and living a growth mindset takes work, an open mind and an unwillingness to give up no matter how slow the process is.

Growth Mindset = Achieving Your Dreams!

What if as a midlife woman you decide you want to change your outlook on life or learn new skills?  By adopting a growth mindset, you can achieve whatever it is you want to do.

I will use myself as an example.  As a midlife woman, I have adopted a growth mindset that for me means constantly learning new things, educating myself on them and incorporating them into my life. 
I wanted to tap into my creativity for a very long time.  When I first heard of blogging, I thought I can do that, if I can ever find the time.  Then one day, I stopped trying to find time and just started.  I had to learn so many new things – creating a logo/brand, starting a website/blog in WordPress, figuring out how to take photos.  The list of new skills I needed was pretty lengthy (and still is since I am still learning!).
The thing about having a growth mindset is that I never gave up, I never stopped trying new things.  When something didn’t work, I tried something else.  If my photos were blurry, I learned the best way to fix them.  I adopted the moto that if I can’t figure it out, someone out there can help me.  Dr. Google is always on my side and YouTube videos are a lifesaver. 

I started connecting to amazing midlife women who wanted to grow.  We started asking questions which led to helping and encouraging each other. We formed communities that support the power of a growth mindset.
When things get hard or a bit overwhelming, I either take a break (good plan occasionally is you are on Instagram) or am willing to just sit where we are a bit and figure out what the next small step is that I can take. 
My top six ways for maintaining  a growth mindset are:
  1. I don’t make mistakes and I don’t fail – I am always learning.

  2. View the challenge of growing as the opportunity to grow. Take a slow and steady pace – Value the process of growth and remember that it takes time.

  3. Value your imperfections and figure out what in what areas you want to grow.

  4. Learn from others – what are their successes and failures. How can you incorporate them into what you want to learn.

  5. See your efforts as progress – don’t assume you don’t have the talent. It can be cultivated and learned.

  6. Always tie your goals, plans and actions back to your reason for wanting to grow. Figure out why you want something.  Let’s say your goal is to have a successful blog – every goal, plan and action that you take to learn these skills needs to tie back to having a successful blog.

New skills can be learned with effort and patience.  Having a growth mindset will help you harness your own creativity and learn new things.
Join me and let’s grow together!

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