Friendship is a gift for our lives.  Friends keep us sane, grounded and humble.  The gift of friendship should be nurtured and supported through open and honest communication.  Friends should not let you take yourself too seriously and be ready to call you out when you need it most.

Our very best of friends are all in this photo!

How many really good friends do you have?

I have several friends, but I like to keep the number of really good friends on the smaller side so that the friendships are close.  My husband and I have six totally amazing (couple) friends.  I have some really great girlfriends too.  All of these are my mix of remarkable close friends.


Friendships should include fun get togethers as well as intimate gatherings where conversation can easily flow.  If your friendship is exceptional, I suggest traveling together too.



Dinner Out!





Five (5) tips for keeping great friendships a part of your life:

  1. Choose your friends wisely. There are people in my life that I know have my back and I have theirs.  These friendships are not always easy and sometimes they will ebb and flow but in the end friendship remains.
  2. Be willing to be honest with yourself and your friends. If one of my friends asks my opinion, they are going to get an honest one.  I don’t typically beat around the bush.  This is what I expect from them.  When I want their opinion, I really need it.  Listen to their needs and really hear them out.
  3. Don’t take your friends for granted. It is easy to say things that may be taken the wrong way.  Be willing to hear someone out if you hurt their feelings.  Also, be willing to agree to disagree.  When someone’s opinion is allowed and not dismissed, it will keep your friendship strong.
  4. Do things together and separately. We have a group of six friends.  We don’t do everything together.  Sometimes, we will do stuff with only one of the couples or just the girls (of the guys).  You get what I mean.  Be diverse and no jealousy.  After all, we are friends.
  5. Help one another. I love to share information and typically, it is with my friends first.  I will bounce ideas off them and see what their response is.  We share ideas for workouts, recipes, food prep.


Benefits of Friendship – Good friends can:

  • Help you reach your goals
  • Reduce your stress level and improve your mood
  • Help and support you
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • They become our support group as we age


Do things together!

I would love to hear about your awesome friendships and how you keep them strong.  Please leave a comment below.  For additional Tuesday Tidbits, click here to subscribe!