Welcome to Tuesday Tidbits.  Starting this week, I am going to share product reviews, recipes, and other information to help you with your pursuit of a Good Life After 50.  I would love to hear from you on what you would like to hear about on Tuesdays!
Recently my posts included a three-part series on health and wellness.  In the last post, I reviewed important supplements (vitamins) you should consider taking.
Today I am doing a quick review of the vitamins we take and the brand that we use.  This is NOT a sponsored post, just my honest opinion about the Puritan’s Pride brand that we have taken for the past eight plus years (probably more but we have been consistent for the past eight).
Puritan’s Pride was recommended to me by a friend.  She was bragging about their customer service and was thrilled that they manufacture their vitamins in the USA.  I did my research and they are in fact, made here in the USA.  Bonus for me is that they don’t test on animals.
We started slowly ordering from them.  They typically have fantastic deals – 15% off, free shipping, etc.  And they periodically run amazing sales.  Most of the time when I purchase their items, I typically buy 1 or 2 and get 2 or 3 free.  Right now Puritan’s Pride is having their semi-annual sale – up to 80% off on over 150 items.  Orders over $35 ship for free.
I was on the hunt for Red Yeast Rice and did a search on theirs.  It got good reviews and the price was right.  My husband started taking it.  His cholesterol numbers have steadily decreased from the 220’s to around 209.

Below is a list of the vitamins we take:

  • Selenium – 200mcg – 1 tablet per day
  • Turmeric – 400mg – 1 tablet per day
  • ABC Plus Multi – 1 tablet per day.  I chose this one because it has 100% of all the good B vitamins – Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B-6, folic acid and B-12
  • Red Yeast Rice – 600mg – I take 1 tablet 3 times per week along with CO Q-10 – 200mg.  My husband takes 1 of each every day
  • Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM – 2 tablet per day
  • Vitamin D – 1000IU – 1 table each day.  The multi vitamin also has 1000IU

Here are a couple of pieces of information from their website:

“Founded in 1973, Puritan’s Pride was established to provide customers with quality vitamins, caring service and value pricing.”

“If you want to know what we put in each vitamin, we’ll tell you, because they’re always the highest quality ingredients from around the world. If you want to see where your supplements are made, we’ll show you. It’s right here in the USA. Everyone deserves to know what they put in their bodies, honestly.”

The pros for this company are excellent sales, good customer service, typically quick shipping and a product that is made here in the USA.  The only thing that might not be appealing is that it is strictly mail order.  You won’t find them in the grocery store or at the bargain warehouse places.  But who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail, especially one that will help you maintain your health and wellness!!

I appreciate that Puritan’s Pride vitamins have no artificial color, flavors, sweetener, preservatives, sugar, gluten, or soy.  Their vitamins are produced in state-of-the-art facilities using the best possible raw ingredients.  When choosing for your health, why not give them a try.  I think you will be pleased with the quality, the price and the customer service.



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