First of all, I want remind you and myself that this challenge is about progress, not perfection!

Here is a quick update.  I am at the beginning of week four of my self challenge but I am  only on week 3 of the Liift4 program.  I will be totally honest, I have not gone all in yet.  Not sure what I am waiting for but this week my focus is on planning and prepping my food, and continuing to get my workouts in.

Here’s what I am happy to report:

I have been getting at least 5 workouts in each week.  Four of them have been the Liift4 Program from Beachbody.  Love it!  I am attending my weekly Hot Yoga class and I have peppered in some walking and biking.

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I lost 2 pounds

I feel stronger

I have been preparing my weekly plan and food prepping.  That is helping me a lot.  When I don’t have to figure out what I am eating on the spur of the moment, I do much better.

All the weights!

Water intake is great!



Here’s where I need to focus on:

Carbs – I still feel like I am getting too many.  Planned some treats but I will be reducing the amount this week.

Food in general needs to be tightened up a bit.  I am eyeballing my portions instead of doing a bit of measuring for accuracy.

2 pounds…Really??  I know I said this would be a slow process but truly, it’s a bit slower than I was hoping.  I acknowledge that the weights in the Liift4 program are probably slowing this number.  I will see when I measure again at the end of this week.

This Self Challenge is totally doable and reflecting back on the past few weeks has been eye opening.  I can see where I need to make tweaks, where there is room for improvement and where I can gain momentum.

Grilled Chicken Salad






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